About Precision Imageworks

Why Precision Imageworks?

At Precision Imageworks, we take pride in every project we tackle, No matter how big or small. We promise we will dedicate all of our efforts to ensure your project is done professionally, on time and to exceed your expectations. If you want to hire a seasoned professional design firm that will go the extra mile for clients-look no further. We ARE am Dedicated to increasing the influence of your brand.

On the subject of me…

My name is Mike Guenther and I was born October 29, 1972 in Beatrice, Nebraska (Huge Husker fan), raised in Minnesota (a hopeless Viking fan) and went to college at Arizona State University. I now reside in the lovely city of Springfield, Missouri where I have spent the last 25 years. I am married to the most wonderful women on the planet, Kelly, who makes me strive to be a better man every day.

I’ve been in the Graphic/Web Design Industry for about 20 years now and I like to think that I have found my niche in society, and I am beginning to think I’m fairly good at what I do. Everything I know now has come from experimenting and trial and error-I’ve never taken a single class in any computer/design related field.

Humble Beginnings and a little history

I first got involved in the industry working with a friend to develop an online gaming resource web site. In the end we never did “Strike it Rich” but the vast wealth of information we learned along the way was our true riches. From there my interest in the actual graphic design field increased dramatically. After we shut down our little web site I got hired on at Meyer Communications, a locally owned and operated Media group that ran several radio stations as well as some print publications. They had hired me to be in control of the content for the 3 publications they owned. It wasn’t exactly the direction I wanted to head in, but I will always be truly grateful for the opportunity to get my foot in the door.

After less than a year at Meyer Communications it was decided to shut the publications down due to profitability. After that I worked as a contract graphics designer before landing a job with Meek’s Building Centers, another locally owned and operated business in Springfield, Missouri. Meek’s is a well known construction/lumber business that has over 50 stores throughout Missouri, Arkansas, California, and Nevada. They hired me to work in their art department which put together monthly Tabloid specials, flyers, promotional sales items, labels and even full control of development of their new web site. This was a big opportunity for me to not only showcase my current knowledge, but an enormous asset for learning new concepts of design.

My experience at Meek’s landed my next graphic design position at RPCS, Inc. – better known in the Springfield, Mo. area as Price Cutter grocery stores. I started at Price Cutter back in April of ’06  where I worked on their weekly circulars, spec ads, special in store signage and promotions as well as the creation and maintenance of the web site pricecutteronline.com.

Currently, I work for SWI Industrial Solutions – A local non profit that employs disabled workers engaging in light manufacturing, assembly and packaging. I am in charge of all in-house IT duties as well as the Director of Sunny Bunny Easter eggs, a non profit that manufactures and sells plastic Easter eggs.  websites: sunnybunnyeastereggs.com and swiindustrial.com.

Favorite Applications


The staple graphics software for graphic designers, web developers and photographers alike. Adobe adds new features evey year.


Everybody’s favorite web content publishing platform…well, it’s mine anyway. Limitless options and customization.


My favorite web editing software and FTP-been using it exclusively since 2002. Love it even more now that it’s part of the CS package.


No disrepect to Adobe’s Illustrator-but Corel is my favorite vector based software. Very user friendly and many features.


Best browser on the planet…at least in my opinion. Great functionality and loads of helpful plugins. Especially FireBug.